HW441 2.0 The Build.

Here you can follow the build of the new HW441 cockpit. We will be posting pictures, videos and information as we progress thru the different stages of our build.  Simply click on the link or photo besides each stage of the work to see more photos and maybe even some videos.

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Center Console

In this page you will see all of the pictures, videos and information step by step of the modifications we brought to our existing center console, for the HW441 Simpit.

Standby Instruments/ Air Speed Indicator

This page will show you all pictures, videos and information in regards to our Standby Instruments build.

Mainframe Build

Here you will find all of the pictures concerning the mainframe construction.  From step one to step finished !! Click here for more photos and info.

Cockpit Seats

Here you can the construction and adaptation of two mini-van seats into our very own cockpit seats !! Check it out !!

Master Warning/Caution Annunciators

New section up !! Find all of the pictures and info in regards to the recently added annunciators and how they work !!


LCD Screen / MCP

We’re moving along quickly, here is the section we’re you’ll get a closer look at the LCD intergration in our MCP.

Gear Lever

Rather rudimentary but it works, a couple of pics included. More to come !!

Throttle Quadrant

Time for some engine control, HW Tech style. So JS is conceiving and have begun prototyping a fully  mecanized throttle quadrant.

7Digit MCP Display

Little upgrade to our MCP, time it gets its own display, thus bringin us one step closer to a completely stand-alone MCP. Great things to come !! Check it out here.

CDU/FMC Project

We’ve gotten our hands on not one but two CDU keyboard panels. The painstaking job of reverse engineering begins. Check it out here.