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Zone de Texte: Here’s the new vid, showcasing our new livery, and also the big introduction of the first pilot to join AHW, and the addition of a Cargo Division !! Enjoy .
Zone de Texte: The story of Highway Simpits, you got it, here’s a little montage of pictures taken from the start to now depicting the progression of our simpit build. Enjoy !!
Zone de Texte: Air HighWay is a virtual charter airliner flying on the V.A.T.S.I.M network. We webcast our flights live and are continuously building our 747-400 simpit.

 Latest website News/Updates

· We are now webcasting our flights on Youtube, check it out!!

· Refreshed look and new pictures everywhere, look for the « NEW » logo and click !!

· New CDU/FMC Build section is up.

· New 7Digit MCP Display Build section is up.

· Celebrating 5 years of flying !!

· New HW441 3.0 the build section is up, check out the integral build pictures and descriptions here !!


Boeing 777-200 LRF

Zone de Texte: Official Webcasted Youtube video playlist, right here !! Grab a chair, buckle up and fly with us !!