Here are a couple of links to websites we use and endorse here at AirHighway.


Of course  all of this would not be possible if it werent for the presence of VATSIM, the server that makes it all happen !! Go check them out !!

Wanna see other flight simmers in action, check out the official HW endorsed broadcaster list. Go and follow them also !!!

Philip Wyatt  is a X-Plane user, always flying online and enjoys a chat with all of you !!

Fritzgohl is a FSX user, flying on a weekly basis and online as well, check out his past broadcasts and follow !!!

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Smoothvirus is a general gamer and occasional flight sim broadcaster, check out his past broadcasts and follow !!!

DJTripp2022 another great flight simmer, showcasing many different types of plane, mostly all flight are on VATSIM also, check out his past broadcasts and follow !!!

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