Jean-Sebastien P..

Co-Founder & Technical Developer

Having real world experience flying small commuter aircrafts it was no surprise that Captain J-S felt immediatly comfortable behind any type of plane that HighWay Airlines had in stock.

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Yves Gagné

Virtual Airline Director of Operations

Fellow flight sim pilot/friend Captain Yves joins us heading up the Virtual Airline Division. Having countless hours of online flying time, a professional and respected reputation. It was with great pride that we accepted his candadicy to become the first pilot to be added to our roster.

William Vogt

First Captain / ATC  Public Relations

Registered as an active controller with the CZUL FIR, Captain William comes to us as the rookie in the fleet. Bringing to us a more personalized approach to our ATC relations, we hope his addition will be a fruitfull one for our Virtual Airline.