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HW441 3.0 the build

Construction has begun on our new and improved simpit. Because of renovations in the basement where the simpit is situated, we had to move the simpit from one room to another thus obligating us to reconsider almost every aspect of our simulator. Of course everything is for the best, we’ve got plans & ideas to the end of year. Here are all the pics taken of the renos in the basement towards the simpit room then the simpit.

Out with the washer/dryer, down with the wall. In with the recessed lights, pocket sliding door (save room), hello stove plug electrical  outlet.

Now these pictures are little cause they have to stay little. This is our simpit in the worst condition since it’s original build back in summer of 2010.  Full of dust, buried under so many other things from my basement beeing moved and put aside to help with the renos. By the end we started to move the parts in, how sweet it was.

Had to buy some items for the simpit, having at our disposal a stove plug electrical outlet, it was just to easy and would of been stupid to not take advantage. So a stove plug distro was built. Ventilation and climate control was also a big issue in the previous version of our simpit, that plan is motion, a superb 4inch Vortex type fan was bought and installed with a exhaust directly outside. How about some colors for the room, we had a green light to choose what we wanted, so why not Boeing brown & blue. Again… how sweet it is !

Items can now start to move in now that the room is painted and done. The fun part begins, time to start moving the simpit  into its new home. First item to go in, one of our cockpit seats.

One of our little goals with this move was to put in a ceiling, giving us finally a full immersion in our simpit. So we got wood, little known fact, 80% of the wood used during our upgrades to 3.0 is recycled from the demolition and renovation of the basement where the simpit is currently situated.



New room meant new restrictions, in space more precisely so we had to play our cards right to fit everything back in. The four computers running the exteriors views had to be place near the screens, put they could’nt go on the floor anymore. Roofing done, we thought hey why not put them up rather then down. And a shelf was born!!

Wanna see some more !! It continues on the next page.