HighWay Builds

This is a short video presentation of a 3D mock up J-S did on the Sketch-Up software. Take note this was our first design, the final plan is much different. But hey you got to start somewhere.

Here is a little video presentation of our first  of three standby instruments that we are building for our B747-400 cockpit.

Here’s a short video showing you guys what we’ve gotten done so far in our build of a full standby instrument cluster . Keep in mind were not trying to replicate true to life, we’re just building ourselves the instruments we want to have  in our home  cockpit.

Here’s a deeper look at our center console fully finished. The Goflight components were an add on of summer 2010.

This video will show you our new GoFlight components. The EFIS unit, GF-166 COM unit and the a GF-46 Multi-Mode Display unit

Here are two videos JS put out to further tease my excitment of the coming mainframe build.

This is a quick 360 3D look of our speed indicator in Google’s Skecthup software.

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