HighWay Cockpits

Everybody starts somewhere!! And this one is our oldest and first released video of a cockpit we temporarily built in JS’s living room.  We plugged in the big projector into the set-up and used up all existing  computers for the set-up. This one inspired us !!

Second day of the living room set-up, flying online tonight. We didnt even have our PMDG back then.

Little montage of the living room set-up . We got a nice mix of pictures and videos with some audio dubbing.

The cockpit is now in a room, stacked screens, TV in the middle. Center console is built, things are starting to develop.

Another little v ideo showing off the gear. We video capture comes video  archive. Always fun to see how far we’ve come. The end of the video JS demos is fully home built MCP panel !!

This one is principaly of traffic on the ground at Toronto’s Lester B.Pearson airport, busy night . We did a little Jettison test also on the PMDG.

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