HighWay Flights HW441

Here is a little video of our custom departure procedures and checklist. We’re flying out of Québec City airport in Canada.

This video is a procedure to take-off and cruise from Lester.B Pearson airport. We fast framed the movie. Pay attention to the noise ,it changes alot as the throttle of the plane changes.

Here’s another video of us doing our procedure, now were leaving from Toronto Lester B.Pearson airport.

Time to land in Toronto’s Lester B.Pearson airport. Had some cool weather on the descent and a very busy ATC.

HW gets HD !! Had some conflicting traffic on the way down to Quebec. The other pilot was originally coming in on the 24 and us on the 06 (uncontrolled airport, 360/05 ), but he finally changed his rwy to the 30, thus crossing our landing runway (but informed us he would stop before the crossing). Keep an eye out right hand side of the plane all the way until were down.

In this video we captured a full flight between Toronto and Québec. We fast framed it for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy !!

HighWay Flights HW2015

Flap failure on our B747-400. The pilots thought they had 5 degrees of flap deployed but in fact there were none. Just before the runway threshold when the pilots reduced the throttle the plane stalled, landed hard and passed thru a perimeter fence. The airplane did stop on the runway where the emergency vehicles were able to help quicly. All of the passengers and the crew survived the crash landing and lived to see another day.

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